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About GA-EMA?

This year, for the first time, the Green Aruba Conference and the Europe Meets the Americas Conference will be combined into one conference (GA-EMA) attracting companies, government officials, and investors from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean region.The focus will be on sustainable solutions including:

  • sustainable energy;
  • sustainable technology;
  • sustainable infrastructure, and
  • sustainable tourism.

Conference presentations will be given related to the newest and most advanced technologies in the area of sustainability. Prominent speakers will show what technology is available, how it can be applied and what the opportunities are within these areas.

In addition, the presentations will be related to business between Europe and Latin America, including how Aruba can aid companies in

doing business with the opposite continent or within the region.

Furthermore, the conference will offer companies the opportunity to showcase their products to potential buyers or partners during the professional tradeshow.

To discuss business opportunity more indepth, the pre-arranged B2B meetings offer the perfect setting. Companies can request meetings in advance with other companies attending the conference. Before the conference each company will receive a customized appointments schedule for the event.

Finally, during the conference there will be many informal networking opportunities.

Richard Arends



Green Aruba Conference and the Europe Meets the Americas conference 

Two Conferences in One

This Conference is part of the continuing commitment of the Government of Aruba to develop our island as a strategic business hub from and to the Caribbean Region and Latin America. Building on the momentum of the last Europe Meets the Americas conference (May 2013) and Green Aruba Conference IV (October 2013), this combined conference aims to bring companies and investors from Europe, Latin America and Aruba together on the subject of bringing sustainable solutions to the Caribbean and Latin America and the economic possibilities that Aruba has to offer in facilitating such business and trade relations.


Why Attend?

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Aruba as a Gateway between Europe en the Americas

The strategically located Aruba offers unique opportunities to function as intermediate and/or as advanced post for businesses wishing to expand intercontinentally. Due to the perpetual economic, social and cultural links with South America and the European Union, Aruba sees itself in the role of culture translator, diplomat, sales representative, market researcher, matchmaker, project manager and supplier for the supporting services in the field of market research, financing, insurances, etc. between Latin America and Europe.

The highly strategic location

The highly strategic location, legal security and stability in combination with specific fiscal benefits, an entrepreneur-friendly business climate, simple and clear procedures for establishment, a transparent tax and customs system, modern digital infrastructure and an extensive banking system in Aruba according to international standards provide an ideal entrepreneurial climate, whereby complying with the international requirements of ISPS, OECD, FATF1 is imperative. The ‘Green Gateway” initiative, the economic development of Aruba based on knowledge and sustainability, is completely supported by the government as well as the private sector.

This development is sustained by European policy and supported by the execution of the AL-Invest program of the European Union, with the objective to stimulate the development and the internationalization of the SME’s in Latin America. In the meantime, the EU has become the most important business partner of South America and the largest investor as well. Aruba is also an excellent location for companies wishing to enter the European market through the CBI program (assistance program for export from developing countries to Europe).

Several Companies have established in Aruba

Supporting services (for example: accounting, legal, banking) are estabilished in Aruba at an international level. Companies prefer to enter into an agreement in Aruba rather than elsewhere in the region, because of the legal security and the dispute possibilities. The professionals already present in Aruba are able to show the South American entrepreneurs the ropes in Europe with the help of their office networks. Sustainability is the key word and work is on-going to develop Aruba as a Business Gateway. Aruba’s quest for 100% sustainability in 2020 supports the positioning of Aruba as the most sustainable local of South America, as well as the fact that Carbon War Room of Sir Richard Branson will assist Aruba in getting there. TNO Caribbean Office and newly established Green Faculty at the University of Aruba are other tools that are available to pave the path to sustainability. Setting up a Green Zone with ‘smart offices’ and other facilities are underway to further impulse for the showcase role. Companies developing operational projects in Aruba can use these projects as a showcase to sell the technology to Latin America or Europe. One could think of sustainable agriculture (for example greenhouse systems), waste-to-energy, electrical transport systems and countless other examples. Certification by TNO, established in Aruba, could be imperative for export to Europe.

Several international companies and organizations have already found their way toward Aruba, making use of investment possibilities. Examples are Schiphol, the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), Juan Valdez, Repsol, etc. The strategic policy goal of Aruba for 2020, 100% free of fossil fuels, will again create ‘business opportunities’ that Dutch companies already make use of, such as the windmill park at Vader Piet (and a second one under way), the solar panel “roof” now being built over the parking lot at the airport, etc. Also Latin American companies and knowledge centers can profit from this. The number of projects will grow rapidly to realize this energy strategy. Aruba is glad to offer the legal security of the Dutch Kingdom, a high standard of living, a good infrastructure, a strong banking sector, a safe business environment, a multilingual labor force able to function in diverse countries for you to grow your business.


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Conference Focus


Sustainable Energy

Aruba’s credibility: Exclusive waste-to-energy plant, underwater energy storage, smart community, windparks, airport solar parking.

Aruba’s offer to connect: Showcase and connections for sustainable solutions needed in Latin America.

As a geographically isolated island, Aruba is well aware of necessities to produce as much of its own energy as possible in order to increase self-reliance. Utilizing its natural resources like wind, sun and ocean are energy sources is one way for Aruba to produce more sustainable energy. Aruba is now adding a waste-to-energy plant – a collaboration between Aruba WEB NV and Ecotech (ETNT), which addresses not only energy production, but also waste management. Aruba WEB NV has also sustainable energy storage projects underway, which will allow using renewable energy not only when its produced, but also during the peak demand times. Aruba is also serious about emphasizing e-driving, and wants to explore this option with conference attendees. Aruba is collaborating with TNO and CWR to develop more sustainable energy projects and is happy to help share European expertise with Latin American economies. And Aruba is also leading the EU OCTA Renewable Energy group to help island nations move towards sustainable energy solutions. Minister Ploumen is another great example of bringing sustainable energy solutions to countries in Latin America and match them with local entrepreneurs to address local needs. Aruba is happy to use its close European ties to serve as a bridge for sustainable energy collaborations between Europe and Latin America.


Sustainable Technology

Aruba’s credibility: TNO (Center for Applied Scientific Research), Philips LED lighting project, fully self-sustainable “Smart Community”, solar parking Aruba Airport, ‘Green Faculty’ knowledge center for sustainable technological solutions.

Aruba’s offer to connect: Share European expertise with South/Central America, such as TNO Caribbean, electrical cars, food certification, etc.

Creating a Sustainable Technology sector and making it one of its economic pillars is one of Aruba’s top priorities. The Caribbean branch of the TNO in Aruba is one such example focused on testing and developing technology to generate sustainable energy. Companies from Latin America as well as the EU can make use of the TNO services to have their products accredited to facilitate their access to their mutual markets. University of Aruba has now created Green Faculty, and it is dedicated to helping define all-inclusive technologically sustainable solutions on the island, and be another resource and knowledge center. Aruba continues to work with Carbon War Room, on its way to Carbon-neutral future by 2020, and paves a path to renewable energy technologies by leading the EU OCTA Renewable Energy group. Aruba also have functioning projects underway, manifestations of sustainable technology – all street lights are being replaced by LED lights, smart community is further developed to integrate latest technologies, waste –to-energy plant is about to come online, as an example. Aruba is very happy to share acquired knowledge with Latin American countries, and serve as a knowledge bridge and business hub between Latin American and EU countries.


Sustainable Infrastructure

Aruba’s credibility: Successfully operating airport, Schiphol Group, new seaport in Barcadera, Maritime School, ‘Smart Community’, Green ‘S’ Cool education program.

Aruba’s offer to connect: Make connections between European building companies and infrastructural projects in Latin America.

Aruba boasts a beautiful and high-functioning airport facility, which makes pre-clearance available to all of its United States travelers. It is yet another component which raises Aruba’s desirability as an attractive tourist destination. Aruba Airport Authorities and Schiphol group are working on making Aruban airport the first one in the world that offers pre-clearance to EU travelers, and Aruba is happy to share this experience with the world.

At the same time, Aruba is very aware of economical growth of its neighborly Latin American countries, Columbia and Brazil for instance. Highly functioning airports and seaports are imperative to support and further economical growth. Aruba would like to offer its close ties with European institutions like TNO and TU Delft, for example, to help provide technology needed for such endeavors. TU Delft project in Recife, Brazil is one such example, and Aruba would like to facilitate many more.


Sustainable Tourism

Aruba’s credibility: One of highest tourist return rates in the world, showcase for tourism opportunities, Airport pre-clearance to the US, Tourism Institute, KLM Biofuel flights.

Aruba’s offer to connect: Share knowledge in the tourism area, ecological preservation and biodiversity to keep tourism going forward.

Aruba takes pride in its highly developed tourism sector – it has one of the highest tourist return rates in the world. In addition to white sands and blue waters, Aruba offers safety, stability and hospitality to its guests. Aruba already boasts much appreciate pre-clearance for US travelers, and is working together with Aruba Airport Authorities and Schiphol group to be a showcase for the EU pre-clearance. It is going to be first such location in the world, and can be used as a learning center for other destinations. Aruba is also very aware that it has to preserve its nature and biodiversity in order to keep attracting tourists to its natural beauty, and it encourages and embraces eco-friendly hotel practices led by Bucuti & Tara resorts and Mariott holes among others. Aruba is very proud to host Mariott’s tourism gateway activities, and making itself more available for Latin American tourists. Aruba is honored to share its pre-clearance, hospitality and bio-diversity practices to welcome environmentally mindful tourists and significantly increase tourist return rates.


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The economy in Latin America continues to grow and the conditions are ideal: political stability, a young, well-educated population, a growing middle class and rich natural resources. Along with excellent potential for the generation of renewable energy, these are the ingredients for rapid economic development. Given the enormous growth the main demand is for sustainable solutions in various fields.

Aruba can play an important role for companies from both Latin America, as well as from the EU countries. Aruba is developing into a gateway between the Americas and Europe, serving amongst others as a stepping stone, showcase and meeting place.

What does Aruba Offer?

  • Strategic location
  • Excellent air connectivity
  • Legal certainty and stability of the Kingdom
  • Tax incentives
  • Business-friendly government
  • Healthy business climate
  • Simple and clear establishment procedures
  • Transparent tax and customs system
  • Modern digital infrastructure
  • Advanced banking
  • Multilingual and educated professionals
  • Extensive embassy network
  • Pre-clearance to the U.S. and soon to the EU


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Past Speakers

Countries Previous Years

Aruba - Austria - Belgium - Bonaire - Brazil - Canada - Chile - Colombia - Costa Rica - Curacao - Dominican Republic - France - Haiti - Italy - The Netherlands - Panama - St.Maarten - Spain - St. Eustatius - Trinidad & Tobago - Ukraine - USA - Venezuela.

EU Meets the Americas 2013

  • 743 registered delegates
  • 24 countries
  • 392 companies and government
  • 500 pre-arranged B2B meetings
  • 8 signed MOUs, 4 signed LOIs, 1 signed agreement

Past Speakers


HM King Willem-Alexander
King of the Netherlands


Jan Peter Balkenende
Former Prime Minister of The Netherlands


Al Gore
Former Vice President of The United States of America


Willem Alexander
King of the Netherlands


Wubbo Ockels
ESA Astronaut, Professor TU Delft


Daan Roosegaarde
Artist and Innovator


Jaqueline Cramer
Former Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment


Sir Richard Branson
Founder of Virgin Group


Andris Piebalgs
European Commissioner for Development at the European Comission




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"Al Gore, Vice President of the United States - during Green Aruba 2011"]"There is an african proverb that says; if you want to go quickly go alone, if you want to go far go together. I hope this whole region goes with Aruba and makes this region a showcase" - Al Gore, Vice President of the United States.


"80 projects to be completed in the next 10 years. One billion dollars of investment. Eso amigas y amigos is strategic investment in your future." - José María Figueres - Former President of Costa Rica and Chairman Carbon War Room


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