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Wednesday October 22nd, 2014

Thursday October 23rd, 2014

Friday October 24th, 2014

Saturday October 25th, 2014


Sustainable Technology

B2B Sessions
Opening Tradeshow

B2B Sessions Tradeshow

Tradeshow + Andre Kuipers Presentation


Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Infrastructure

Sustainable Tourism



Networking Event







Program: Wednesday October 22nd, 2014

Sustainable Technology - morning




8:00 Mr. Mike de Meza - Minister of Economic Affairs, Utilities & Energy of Aruba Welcome Speech
8:20 Mr. Michiel Godfried Eman - Prime Minister, Minister of General Affairs, Science, Innovation and Sustainable Development Welcome Speech

Mr. Jan Willem Kelder - CEO, TNO
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Bringing Reliable and Realistic Innovations to Latin-America, the TNO Approach

9:00 Mr. Marc Salvany - Head of Service & Solutions Center, Philips Latin America
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Philips' approach to sustainability and the Aruba MOI
9:20 Mr. F. Hoevertsz - Managing Director, Utilities Aruba N.V Joint Presentation: Aruba Sustainable Energy Growth path and its challenges
  Mr. R. Henriquez - General Manager, N.V. Elmar  
  Mr. OJ Boekhoudt - General Manager, WEB Aruba N.V.
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9:50 Break MOU Aruba Ports Authority

Mr. Wal van Lierop - President & CEO, Chrysalix
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Green Aruba and the Changing Energy Industry

10:35 Mrs. Camila Ramos - Managing Director and Founder, CELA
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Renewable Energy Investment Trends in Latin America

Mr. Glenn Thode - Rector, University of Aruba
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Green Faculty Vision


Mr. Abel Scholtens - Manager PwC Advisory, PwC Dutch Caribbean
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10 Most Sustainable Islands in the Caribbean


Panel Discussion


12:00 Lunch  


Sustainable Energy - Afternoon




12:00 Lunch  
13:15 Mr. Francisco Palmieri - US Department of State Keynote: Sustainable Energy

Mr. Tom Weirich - Sr Vice President, ACORE
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Offshore Renewable Energy Technologies: Trends & Opportunities


Mr. Pablo Gomez-Acebo - Repsol
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Offshore Wind Energy, A Big Opportunity?

14:15 Mr. Steve Smith - President and CEO, Enertech Global
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Geothermal Cooling- The Environmental and Economic Solution

Mrs. Jennifer Polman-Boekhoudt - Sustainable Building Advisor, CBOT
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Energy Simulation, Creating Energy Efficient Buildings

14:55 Break  

Mr. Rens Knegt - Energy Advisor, TNO
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Electric Driving – Policy and Emissions Reduction.


Mr. John Felder - President & CEO, Cayman Automotive
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Practical Introduction of Electric Driving to Island Economies

Mr. Elthon Lampe - Business Development Officer, Elmar N.V.

EV Introduction: Solving the Paradox

Mr. Oslin Boekhoudt - Director, WEB Aruba N.V.

Updates on BioGas and Energy Storage in Aruba

16:40 Panel Discussion  
19:00 Networking Event  
21:00 End of the day  


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Program: Thursday October 23rd, 2014

Sustainable Infrastructure - B2B sessions




13:00 Mr. Oslin Benito Sevinger - Minister of Infrastructure, Spatial Development and Integration Welcome Speech
13:20 Mr. Jan Peter Balkenende - Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Keynote: Infrastructure, Sustainable Growth and Quality of Life

Mr. Albert Bos - Director, STC-Group
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Port and Transport Development & Human Capital

14:10 Mr. James Fazio - CEO, Aruba Airport Authority
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Queen Reina Beatrix Airport - Positioned for Responsible Growth

Mrs. Annet Steenbergen - Coordinator Preclearance, Land Aruba

Aruba as International Example of Preclearance and Happy Flow

14:50 Break  
15:15 Dr. Edgar Higuera-Gomez - Manager of Logistics, Transportation and Infrastructure, ANDI
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Expanding Sustainable Infrastructure
15:35 Mr. Helmuth Barros - Secretary General, Findeter
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Financing Sustainable Infrastructure Projects
15:55 Mr. Santiago Arango - Director of Development and Sustainablility, Universitad National de Colombia
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Holistic Approach to Sustainable Infastructure on a Tourist-Centric Island
16:15 Panel Discussion  
16:45 End of the day  


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Program: Friday October 24th, 2014

B2B Sessions - Sustainable Tourism - Afternoon




12:00 Lunch  
13:00 Mr. Fabien Cousteau - Aquanaut, Oceanographic Explorer, Conservationist and Documentary Filmmaker Keynote: Nature is a Business: Today and Tomorrow

Mrs. Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes - CEO, Aruba Tourism Authority

Sustainable Tourism from ATA's Perspective


Mr. Alex Nieuwmeyer - General Manager, Divi Aruba
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Sustainable Tourism in Aruba

14:10 Mr. Ru Croes - Director, Medwork
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Sources of country competitiveness; Human Capital
  Mr. Jos van Rooijen - Occupational Health, Arbo Unie
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Sustainable Employability in Tourism; the Human Factor
14:30 Break  
15:00 Mr. Lex de Jong - Chief Medical Officer, AZV
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Connectiong Countries: Healthcare Transformed Through the Power of Engagement

Mr. Glen Champion - Vice President, Bern Hotels and Resorts
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Sustainable Tourism Through Corporate Social Responsibility

15:40 Mr. David Czap - Naval DC Solar Powered Tourist Transport

Mr. Simon Hudson - Director of Tourism and Economic Development, University of South Carolina
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The Role of Tourism in Green Economy

16:20 Panel Discussion  
16:50 End of the day  


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Program: Saturday October 25th, 2014

Tradeshow - Andre Kuipers Presentation


Company/ Speaker


9:00 / 12:15

B2B Sessions



Mr. Andre Kuipers



End of the day



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Venue Information and Accommodation


The Renaissance Convention Center will be the host venue for the Green Aruba, where Europe Meet the Americas Conference 2014. The Convention Center is conveniently located in the bustling business center of Oranjestad, surrounded by restaurants, luxurious shopping malls, and the fully renovated city center.

Renaissance Convention Center



The Renaissance Marina Hotel is a hip, adult-exclusive hotel for guests over 18, complete with adult-only amenities and a pool, while The Renaissance Ocean Suites offers family-friendly accommodations and kid’s activities. The Renaissance Convention Center is located within the direct vicinity of both hotels. Guests can enjoy a range of restaurants, the exclusive Okeanos Spa, a 24-hour casino, exciting nightlife and the only private beach in Aruba on Renaissance Island. Conference rates include American breakfast and complimentary WiFi.

Below you will find the reservation links your guests can use to make online reservations.
Start date: 10/18/14
End date: 10/28/14
Last day to book by: 9/21/14
Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate: Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino for 169.00 USD per night Book your group rate: Green Aruba, where Europe Meets the Americas


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